First Year Adventures!
Second Year Adventures!

buy zithromax 1000mg her latest blog The Adventures of Pete and Rob! is a Christian book series written for tweens (9 to 13 years old), and it tells the story about ten year old Peter Johnson and eleven year old Robert T. McGwyn who are joined by the God of all creation for a yearlong adventure that will change them forever!

Pete and Rob are certainly not perfect role models. As a Christian, Pete loves studying his Bible, but he’s having a terrible time putting what he’s learned into practice and has become a miserable Christian as a result. Rob, on the other hand, knows nothing about God or Christianity. He’s known around town as a thief, liar and troublemaker.

Despite their imperfections, God Loves both boys and desires them to become part of his family. Through various adventures, such as the investigation of a spooky “haunted” house, a daring deep woods rescue during a camping trip, and a snowball fight involving yellow snow (that’s right — frozen dog pee!), God consistently shows up in the lives of Pete and Rob in order to accomplish his goals within a year’s time. If you’re interested in finding out how these remarkable — and sometimes odd — situations bring Pete and Rob closer to God and each other, then this book is for you!