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Thom reads Pete and Rob to Kids
Thom reads Pete and Rob to Kids

Once upon a time (way back in the late 1990s), I asked a group of kids in my church’s youth Bible club to explain to me the Good News of Jesus Christ.  These youngsters ranged in age from nine to thirteen years of age, and their club leader had taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ many times before over the course of several years.  Surely, these young folks would be able to easily pass this pop quiz, right? Surprisingly, the kids froze in place and each of them stared at me with a stupefied, wide-eyed expression.   Not a word was spoken (well, except for that one irritated kid who openly expressed his dissatisfaction that I would dare ask such a perplexing question just before snack time).  It was as if this question had morphed the kids into a herd of dazed deer blinded by a throng of headlights.

Now, I really don’t want to publically blame or shame anyone for their evident failures in life — especially not someone who is a youth volunteer at their local church, but these poor kids obviously had a Bible club leader that http://jmrealtyschool.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword really stunk at doing his job well!  Since that club leader was click this ME, I decided to try something new to improve upon my discipleship skills, and the result was this book, The Adventures of Pete and Rob!

So here’s the good news I have for you: I wrote this book especially for you —parents, relatives, Christian educators and caregivers looking to provide their kids with a rich and comprehensive understanding of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the basic essentials of the Christian faith in an entertaining format which kids can easily relate to, understand and remember.

     I believe that as followers of Christ, we are obligated (via the Great Commission) to deliver and explain the good message of God’s love and saving grace to the people of the world, and I believe that we should start that discipleship right in our own homes and churches with a deliberate emphasis on the future generation — our own kids.  I also understand that not everyone — especially in the parent-realm — has the gift of discipleship.  If discipling your kids is not your forte, then this book will come in extremely handy as it allows anyone who can read a story the ability to successfully teach and discuss the essentials of the Christian faith in a down-to-earth, entertaining and easy to understand way.  I believe that your child will be a very willing participant in this process.  Why? In my experience, most kids love to hear a story especially when that story involves other kids like themselves.

   As I read these stories during club night all those years ago (and more recently, to my 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school classes), my group of rowdy, high energy children would settle down quickly and focus solely on the stories.  (I found that it’s okay to let the kids draw, eat a snack or play by themselves quietly as I read the stories — they still listened and learned!)  At the end of each story, I usually found that many of them had insightful questions and observations that they wanted to discuss relating to what they had just heard.  The kids were usually disappointed when I didn’t have a “Pete and Rob” story at the ready.  To this day, these former tweens — now young adults — still fondly remember the Pete and Rob adventures, and I am hopeful that the Pete and Rob book series will prove to be helpful, pertinent and enjoyable for you and your children today.  Thank you for reading this book and happy discipling!  Enjoy!

In Christ’s love,

Thom Edmonds