I think it’s fair to say that if you simply fling this book into your child’s bedroom like a spiritual Frisbee and say to him or her, “Read this.  It will make you a better Christian,” then years from now, archeologists will discover this book buried beneath the strata of junk that has accumulated in your child’s bedroom closet over the years, dust the pages inside for fingerprints, and determine that the book had never been opened or read by any human soul.  L

     On the other hand, I GUARANTEE YOU that if you carve out a chunk of time each day or each week to read this book webpage with your child, then, not only will you be fulfilling your role in discipling your child (not to mention sharing some quality family time), but you will ensure that your child will reap the full benefits that this book has to offer.  Your child will improve his or her understanding about what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ, and demonstrate how the basic Christian principles discussed in each chapter may apply to their own, real-life adventures in today’s world.  J Most importantly, there is a question section at the end of each chapter which is intended to start conversations between adults and kids regarding the main points in the story.  These questions will give you insight as to where your child is in her or his spiritual walk with God, and open the door for you or your child to ask additional questions and spark further discussions beyond those offered in the book.  This is why it is so important to read this book together with your kid(s)The Adventures of Pete and Rob! intentionally creates an opportunity for you and your child to share your own personal adventuress that you have had with the God of the whole universe! (How often do you get to do that with your nine to thirteen year old?)