Excerpt from the Book

avodart price in india cytoxan where to buy Excerpt from Book 1, Chapter 5:

rogaine minoxidil 5 buy online ginseng uk The Fishing Trip

modvigil price in india Fishing JPEG

rocephin price in pakistan Rob, Pete and Mr. Johnson went fishing after church.  The skies were slightly overcast, but the temperature was still relatively warm considering it was now the end of September.

famocid 40 buy online Mr. Johnson untied the canoe from the car’s roof racks and, with the help of both boys, slowly carried it to the water’s edge.  As they were getting the rest of the gear from the car, Pete’s dad noticed that he had forgotten something important.

florinef to buy “Oops! It looks like I only brought two life jackets with us,” said Mr. Johnson.  “I forgot to grab the other one on the way out.  That means that only two people can go fishing in the canoe at a time.”

namenda price “Can me and Pete go first?” Rob asked.

vigora spray price in india “What do you think, Pete?” Mr. Johnson asked.

suprax cost “Sure,” Pete said.  “I’ve done it plenty of times before.  We’ll be okay.”

aleve para que se usa Mr. Johnson turned to Rob.

albenza uk “Can you swim, Robby?”

viagra blue pill price “Sure.  No problem.”

celexa uk “Good!” Mr. Johnson said with a smile.  “Okay.  So you two will go in the canoe first, and I’ll fish from the shore.  Here’s the rules.  Both of you need to wear your life jackets at all times.  Neither of you are allowed to stand up in the boat once I push you out into the lake.  Please be careful when you cast — try not to catch each other with your hooks.  And don’t go too far from shore, alright? You really shouldn’t have to go too far out to catch some good-sized fish.  Do you guys understand the rules?”  Both boys nodded in agreement.

antabuse price south africa Next, they gathered their gear and climbed into the canoe — Rob in the front and Pete in the back.  When they were settled securely on their seats with their paddles in hand, Mr. Johnson pushed the canoe out into the lake.  Pete and Rob paddled about forty feet from shore before they cast their lines into the water.

sominex uk ingredients As they fished, they talked about their Sunday school class which they had both attended earlier that morning.

tretiva price “I thought for sure they were going to kick you out of class after you stole Ben’s wallet and caused Jill to slip with the snack tray,” Pete confessed.

rocaltrol buy “The snack tray thing was an accident,” Rob said.  “I didn’t mean to do that.”

levorag emulgel uk “What about stealing the wallet? Was that an accident too?” Pete asked cynically.

“No way!” Rob replied with an offended tone.  “I meant to do that!”

“But why?” Pete asked.

“It’s just who I am,” Rob said with a shrug.  “I’m not proud of it.  I know it’s not right to steal from people, but what can I do? It’s not like I’m perfect like you and your parents.  It’s not like I can change or anything, right?”

Pete started to say something out loud, but then stopped, and in a miserable, whispered grumble remarked, “Yeah, I remember, God.  I made a promise.”  Pete had just been reminded about the promise he had made to his mother earlier that week which was to ask Rob if he had any questions about the Good News of Jesus Christ during their fishing trip.  Apparently, Pete wasn’t in any way thrilled about keeping this particular promise.

“What?” Rob asked loudly.  “Did you say somethin’?”

“Uh…I was just going to say that the Sox are having a rough season,” Pete said as he quickly changed the subject.  “I don’t even think they are going to get the wildcard spot this year.”

“Yeah,” Rob agreed.  “The Sox stink worse than these socks I’ve been wearin’ for the past two weeks.  And that’s pretty bad! I hope they win their next game.  We could really use some good news right about now!”

“Yeah.  Good news,” Pete said nervously with a slight grimace.  “So…speaking of good news and all that…what did you think about that talk you had with my dad last week? Y’know… the Good News about Jesus?”

“It’s kinda weird, I guess.  But I’m sort of interested in finding out more about all this Jesus stuff anyways.”

“Whew! It’s starting to get pretty hot out here!” Pete said nervously as he abruptly changed the subject once again.

“Hey!” Rob said with excitement.  “I got a great way to cool you down!”

Rob carefully turned around in his seat to face Pete.  Then he leaned over the side of the canoe slightly and smacked the top surface of the water with his hand in such a way as to direct a small sample of the cold water into Pete’s lap.  The canoe rocked back and forth slightly.

“Hey stop!” Pete yelled.  “I don’t want to get wet! Besides, you’re scaring all the fish away!”

Rob laughed.  “There’s no fish in this spot!  If there was, we would have caught ‘em by now.”

“We’ve only been fishing for a couple of minutes, Rob! You gotta be more patient if you want to catch a fish!”

“I’m bored,” Rob declared.  “So let’s liven things up around here and have some fun instead! Like you just said, it’s hot out here!”

Rob splashed more water at Pete.  As Pete glared at him, he noticed that Rob’s life jacket was no longer buckled.

“Hey!  Your vest is unbuckled,” Pete pointed out.

“I got hot in this thing, so I unbuckled it to let some air in.  What’s it to you?”

“You’re supposed to have your vest buckled all the time when you’re out on the lake in the canoe!” Pete shouted back.  “Those are my dad’s rules, remember?”

“Your dad didn’t say that!  He said we just have to wear them.  He didn’t say anything about buckling them! What’s the matter, Pete?  Do you think we’re going to tip over and get wet?”  Rob laughed mischievously and splashed more water at Pete.

Pete put down his pole and picked up his paddle.

“Well,” he said angrily, “If you’re hot too, I got a better way to cool you off faster! What do you think of this?”  Pete swung his paddle and struck the surface of the water dousing most of Rob’s body with a very large spray of cool water.  Rob yelled out and raised both hands to cover his face.  As he did this, his fishing pole dropped into the water.

“No!” Pete yelled out.  “Grab it!  That’s one of my dad’s poles!”

Rob quickly leaned over to grab the pole and the whole canoe rotated up onto its side.

“Don’t!” Pete yelled out.  “You’re going to…”

It was too late.  The canoe flipped upside down tossing both of the boys into the water.  Pete surfaced and yelled out to his father who was fishing from shore.  As Pete turned around to look for Rob, he felt something grab him around the waist and almost pull him under.  It was Rob.  Pete tried to keep his head above water as Rob tried to climb on top of him.  Pete freed himself from him and swam a short distance away.  He noticed that Rob was spending more time under water than above it.  Rob surfaced long enough to yell for help.  Pete then realized that Rob’s life jacket was no longer on him.  He also realized that Rob really didn’t know how to swim.